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Garbage Disposal Easy Maintenance

Garbage Disposalgarbage disposal is a handy appliance to have in any kitchen, but without maintenance, it can easily jamb, crack, leak, or clog causing costly plumbing or drain cleaning repairs. 

Fortunately, Garbage Disposal Maintenance is Extremely Easy and will extend the life of your garbage disposal for years.  Never put glass, plastic, metal, or paper in the garbage disposal.  Hard-to-grind waste can damage both the blades and the motor and cause the garbage disposal to jamb.   Run cold water for a few seconds after grinding to flush waste down the main line.  Don’t pour grease, oil or fat into your garbage disposal or drain. Grease could affect your garbage disposal’s grinding ability as well as harden in the pipes and create clogs.  Cold water will cause any trace of grease or oil to solidify so that they can be chopped up before reaching the trap.  Using hot water will cause the grease to liquefy and accumulate, causing drains to clog.    

Another important maintenance tip is to keep your garbage disposal clean.  Running your garbage disposal regularly keeps all parts moving and prevents rust, corrosion, and odors.  Using cold water with a little dish soap while the garbage disposal is on is a quick and easy daily freshener.  Putting ice in your garbage disposal one or twice a month will sharpen the blades, scrub hard to reach places, and break up any grease build-up.  The oils from grinding a lemon or orange peel will naturally clean the garbage disposal and create a fresh clean scent. 

If your garbage disposal is not working, before investing in the cost of a plumber, try these simple easy steps:

1)    Most garbage disposals have a reset button on the motor underneath the sink.  Push the reset button and test to see if disposal starts working.

2)    If the garbage disposal is plugged into a socket, ensure that the outlet has power.  Check the circuit breaker.

3)    If the disposal is jammed, some models can be cleared using the hand crank.  To unlock the disposal, insert an Allen wrench into the push start hole on the underside of the garbage disposal.  Twist until disposal is unlocked.


If these tips don’t help, please call the Professionals at All About Plumbing in Fairhope, Alabama – your local garbage disposal experts.  251-928-1188.







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